Vincent bought a 1962 Ford Galaxy in an excellent condition. How cool is that!

We tried to prepare as best as we could before we went to Mada. It was very hard to find the right information. Now we’re home I stumble across this very usefull video. I am happy we didn’t make too many mistakes 😉 Make sure to check out his other videos, he really knows what   Read More …

Back to Tana… The rid from Ampefy is relatively short, 120 km’s or so, but we started early. We expected heavy traffic near the capitol and needed to turn in the bikes that day. The ride was very enjoyable and the traffic remained easy untill we really hit the Tana. But even then it wasn’t   Read More …

Our vacation was comming to an end, with only a few days left it was time to head back to the capital. The short way everybody takes is the RN7 north. Madalief recommended us to turn left just after Antsirabe onto the RN43 and spend some time in Ampefy, so we did. The first part   Read More …

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