I caught a fever 2 days ago. Very rare for me, I think the last time was after surgery 10 years ago that I really had a fever. It gave me some time though to finally watch the caferacer TV season 1 DVD the guys at Dime City Cycles kindly send me.

I’ll start with the bad stuff. For us Europeans Americans can be a bit ‘USA-oriented’, people who feel that way will not like comments during the show like ‘America is now the hub of the cafe racer scene’. Especially to some English, that might sting a bit and I don’t think it’s true. It’s a world wide thing. There are some pretty wild cafe’s coming from not only Europe, the US and Australia, but also Asia. Furthermore it’s a show that covers a lot per episode: A few builds, some history and some events. Guaranteed you wont like some of those items (I did not really fancy the electric cafe racer, but it’s a DVD, fast forwarding has never been easier). The many items also means that there is not much time per item. There are definitely some build/history/meeting items I would have liked to see more off.

So, that was the bad part, but luckily, there are plenty of good things to say about the show. First of all: It features some really, really great builds and some really cool shots of those builds. The cafe racer scene is very much a back-yard happening, so it is very rare to see images and footage that has been taken by professionals. That you will enjoy. I also liked their history bits with the old footage and old newspaper a lot. And even though I accused them a few lines ago from being a bit USA-oriented, they did take the effort to go to the UK and shoot some really nice items there.

Conclusion:  I would definitely recommend you to order the DVD  it. It’s not that expensive and with the whole winter ahead of us, it will be money well spend.
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