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Categories: BMW, caferacer

Why? I sold the BMW. I had a hard time letting go, but it has just been sitting in my shed the last couple of years. It really needed attention and never got around to giving it.

Categories: BMW
Categories: BMW, caferacer, girls on bikes

Overpasses. I just can’t help myself. Sorry. It was the first time ever that I used the BMW for commuting. I immediately smashed my previous record (45 minutes from home to work by car) by 20 minutes. Some more childish behavior might have occurred during that ride….

Categories: BMW, caferacer

After many months (years…) of neglect I woke up the Beemer for a change of all fluids. It really is a bit of a spectacle to start it (turn on your speakers). I took it out for a short ride to get the oil up to temperature and changed it. Next is the gearbox oil   Read More …

Categories: BMW, caferacer

Roel Scheffer’s extreme CX 500: More on that bike later this week. I am liking that copper stack… It is the same carb as on my Ariel. Maybe… just maybe… Not sure if this is practical, but it sure looked good: a 630 cc maxed out Enfield: Unfinished (the plans sounded great and involved wood):   Read More …

Riding the Ariel is relaxing, offroading on the Enfield is fun, but sometimes one needs to be reminded of how it is to ride a faster bike on the road. So I did.

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Every once in a while I re-process old photo’s just to see what else I could have done with them. This still is one of my favorites.

It’s been really busy at work and the weather is horrendous, so only few posts lately… I did some work on the Ariel (made a new throttle cable, first time at trying to solder on a cable stop instead of using one of those screw-on stops. Much, much better). I did a 20-ish mile ride   Read More …

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