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Love the spring!

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A quick (and sloppy) edit of my girlfriend on her Honda CX 500

Riding the Ariel is relaxing, offroading on the Enfield is fun, but sometimes one needs to be reminded of how it is to ride a faster bike on the road. So I did.

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With my girfriend’s CX repaired it was time for a ride through the Dutch countryside. She took the 500, I took the Ariel. We rode for roughly 3-4 hours. It was cold, but otherwise really nice. A short vid (bit boring to watch):

Categories: Ariel, caferacer, cx500, Honda

Every once in a while I re-process old photo’s just to see what else I could have done with them. This still is one of my favorites.

I sold the CB. I am going to miss it, I already am, but you can’t hold on to everything in life.

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Te koop/for sale: My CB. I built here roughly years ago and have been enjoying riding it massively. The primary reason for buying it at the time was that as a student I did not have a car. This was my I-need-to-get-somewhere bike that has carried me and my girlfriend thousands of miles. The base   Read More …

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Yesterday was the 25th of october and it was 20+ degrees (Celcius) outside. I had quite some distance to cover as I had to get to work, from work to Vincent’s place to work on the SR and then back home. It was not very hard to take the decision what means of transport to   Read More …

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I have 3 ways to get to work (realistically), car, train or bike. Yesterday I had planned to go over to Vincent after work to work on the Enfield. I can’t believe I ever doubted about taking the train…. I had a fantastic time getting to and from work and to Vincent’s place on the   Read More …

Categories: caferacer, cb750

Twice a year Hardenberg is the scene for a large motorcycle and moped jumble. Every last weekend of March and first weekend of October. Last March the jumble was a bit quite, not too many stands and the weather was insane. This October the weather was insane again, but in a very, very good way.   Read More …

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