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I made some photo’s of the DGR Wageningen during their stop at Amerongen Castle. You can find them all here. Preview:

My girlfriend has a very early CX500. Last oil change it had some metal scraping in the oil and it has not been ridden since. A short while ago my girlfriend got offered a working engine for only 20,-, so she bought it. Guess who had to do all the work… (and no, that is   Read More …

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Italdag (Ital-day) is an event held in Beusichem in the Netherlands. It’s, you guessed it, for Italian bikes. I wasn’t around (more on that later), but a mate of mine was. Roderik from Supermoto Central shot these photos: I guess I’ll have to go next year. Awesome bikes, awesome photos.

I’ve updated the photos of the Caferacerdag Achterveld 2013 meeting last sunday. You can find all photos in the event photo section of this website, or click here.

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The rest of the photos will follow tonight, but here’s a few from the first batch: You can find them all on the event photos page on this website.

Next sunday is the day of the annual caferacer day in Achterveld, near Barneveld (not too far from the German border ;)). I am extremely busy, but I am going to do the best I can to get there. I hope to see some of you there!

All photo’s of the event can be found here

There’s always someone who has to make a special entrance…. One of his coils had failed on the way. Instead of asking to be brought home he asked the roadside assistance to take him to Rusty Gold :). He found a coil there and I lend him some tools. 10 minutes later the bike was   Read More …

And my favorite:

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