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I made some photo’s of the DGR Wageningen during their stop at Amerongen Castle. You can find them all here. Preview:

I received a request from a foreign magazine for some photos, forcing me to dive into my archives. While doing that I realized there are more then a few that I never posted…. Here’s a few of those:

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Roel Scheffer’s extreme CX 500: More on that bike later this week. I am liking that copper stack… It is the same carb as on my Ariel. Maybe… just maybe… Not sure if this is practical, but it sure looked good: a 630 cc maxed out Enfield: Unfinished (the plans sounded great and involved wood):   Read More …

This guys bike really was way too loud. He got a lot of eyebrows raised when he arrived and later left. Apparently the thing wouldn’t idle either, cause he constantly had to be on the throttle. Glad I am not his neighbor.

There’s always someone who has to make a special entrance…. One of his coils had failed on the way. Instead of asking to be brought home he asked the roadside assistance to take him to Rusty Gold :). He found a coil there and I lend him some tools. 10 minutes later the bike was   Read More …

And my favorite:

Part 3. The last part of the riding photos will be tomorrow, the day after tomorrow I’ll do the static photos. It’s a lot of work even just sorting the photos, please be patient. Ton, going wayyyyy to fast for my camera settings… 😉

The next batch (thank you S.S. ;)) of photos. There will be more again tomorrow.

Motodrive is the largest Ukrainian motorcycle magazine. They mailed me a while back to ask for photos and a little background, so I send both. They drafted up a very, very nice (and very big!) article about me! I am very, very honored! Read the full article on there website here

I know, I know, the new year is a time to look ahead, but I just didn’t have time to look back in the old year 😉 So let’s do it now… At the start of last year, the blog was still on blogspot and called BMW cafe…. seems so long ago now. January: What   Read More …

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