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Roel Scheffer’s extreme CX 500: More on that bike later this week. I am liking that copper stack… It is the same carb as on my Ariel. Maybe… just maybe… Not sure if this is practical, but it sure looked good: a 630 cc maxed out Enfield: Unfinished (the plans sounded great and involved wood):   Read More …

We took the bikes (Ariel and CX500) on a weekend camping trip this weekend to the Dutch-German border area. It was fantastic!

Categories: Ariel, caferacer, cx500
Categories: caferacer, cx500, Honda

Love the spring!

Categories: Ariel, caferacer, cx500

A quick (and sloppy) edit of my girlfriend on her Honda CX 500

With my girfriend’s CX repaired it was time for a ride through the Dutch countryside. She took the 500, I took the Ariel. We rode for roughly 3-4 hours. It was cold, but otherwise really nice. A short vid (bit boring to watch):

Categories: Ariel, caferacer, cx500, Honda

My girlfriend has a very early CX500. Last oil change it had some metal scraping in the oil and it has not been ridden since. A short while ago my girlfriend got offered a working engine for only 20,-, so she bought it. Guess who had to do all the work… (and no, that is   Read More …

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Motodrive is the largest Ukrainian motorcycle magazine. They mailed me a while back to ask for photos and a little background, so I send both. They drafted up a very, very nice (and very big!) article about me! I am very, very honored! Read the full article on there website here

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