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The last Saturday in september is traditionally marked in any classic bike enthousiast’s calender. It’s time for the Nationaal Veteranentreffen Woerden! This year the weather was great (again) and it was insanely crowded. Too crowded for decent photo’s, so I only tok these.

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Categories: Event photos
Categories: Event photos

There is more to come!

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Ik heb de laatste foto’s van het Nationaal Veteranentreffen in Woerden geupload. Ze staan hier. Het zijn erg veel foto’s dus de pagina laadt waarschijnlijk langzaam. (yes, that is a Brough Superior)

Sorry guys, this one is in Dutch. Hier deel 1 van de foto’s van het Nationaal Veteranentreffen Woerden op 27 september 2014: Dit is slchts een selctie van de foto’s. Alle foto’s van deel 1 vind je door op deze link te klikken. Deel 2 volgt later deze week!

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I made some photo’s of the DGR Wageningen during their stop at Amerongen Castle. You can find them all here. Preview:

I had a very busy, stressful, but fun week at work. So work hard, play hard was my motto for this weekend. I kicked it off Friday afternoon on the Enfield: It’s simply always fun to ride that bike, it never ceases to amaze me. Saturday was the last Saturday of September and that meant   Read More …

Last week we went to the classic races and jumble in Barneveld, Holland. I took my Ariel, my girlfriend went on her CX500 and we met up with Vincent who finally has his Ariel on the road. It took us ‘a bit’ longer to reach Barneveld (more on that in a later post) and there   Read More …

Categories: Event photos
Categories: Event photos

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