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The first edition of the Rusty Gold meeting in Amsterdam (2012) was already easily the best bike meeting of the year, in 2013 it was stepped up a bit further, helped by fantastic weather. Organized by Lennard from Bubblevisor and Zoran it is something you really do not want to miss! This year the date   Read More …

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Twice a year Hardenberg is the scene for a large motorcycle and moped jumble. Every last weekend of March and first weekend of October. Last March the jumble was a bit quite, not too many stands and the weather was insane. This October the weather was insane again, but in a very, very good way.   Read More …

The last post was mostly about the bikes, now something different: The atmosphere. It is worth mentioning because it was not just good, it was fantastic. Happy, friendly, smiling faces all around. Kids, women, elderly people… Everybody clearly had a great time. How can you not have a great time with this doing circles around   Read More …

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The Van Dijk Cross is a family event that is being held every year on the land of Grandma Van Dijk. Unfortunately, she past away last year, but the tradition will continue. It’s a motocross, but there is no competition. No times are being recorded, no demands are made on who enters with what. There   Read More …

Italdag (Ital-day) is an event held in Beusichem in the Netherlands. It’s, you guessed it, for Italian bikes. I wasn’t around (more on that later), but a mate of mine was. Roderik from Supermoto Central shot these photos: I guess I’ll have to go next year. Awesome bikes, awesome photos.

I filmed part of teh caferacerdag in Achterveld when I left. not a partcularly cool or interesting video, but it gives you an idea of the bikes and atmosphere:

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I’ve updated the photos of the Caferacerdag Achterveld 2013 meeting last sunday. You can find all photos in the event photo section of this website, or click here.

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The rest of the photos will follow tonight, but here’s a few from the first batch: You can find them all on the event photos page on this website.

Next sunday is the day of the annual caferacer day in Achterveld, near Barneveld (not too far from the German border ;)). I am extremely busy, but I am going to do the best I can to get there. I hope to see some of you there!

All photo’s of the event can be found here

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