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Roel Scheffer’s extreme CX 500: More on that bike later this week. I am liking that copper stack… It is the same carb as on my Ariel. Maybe… just maybe… Not sure if this is practical, but it sure looked good: a 630 cc maxed out Enfield: Unfinished (the plans sounded great and involved wood):   Read More …

All photo’s can be found in the event photo section of this website. This is just a random selection. I amazes me every single time how incredibly popular classic mopeds are. I just can’t see what the attraction of riding one is (but maybe that is because I never owned one). They sure look great   Read More …

Dit is een hele kleine selectie van de foto’s die ik vandaag geschoten heb. Ik heb in totaal 16GB aan foto’s geschoten. Het zal me een week of 2 kosten om dat te verwerken, geduld dus aub. I went to a classic race demo in the small town of Nunspeet today. It was first for   Read More …

> The Achterveld caferacerdag (day) was today. The weather was great (some coulds, not too warm) and he turn up was fantastic. Hundreds of great bikes. Plenty of interesting bikes to see and plenty of interestig people to talk to. All in all: Another very succesvol caferacer event in Achterveld. Thanks Ton Up Club!! I   Read More …

> Check out this very nice Moto Guzzi fall ride vid

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> The Guzzi girl…. Every caferacer enthusiast will know what I’m talking about. The famous photo of the girl with the Davida helmet on that fantastic Moto Guzzi caferacer. Here’s the proof that the girl doesn’t need the helmet, the bike or even clothes to look beautiful:

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