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I had a very busy, stressful, but fun week at work. So work hard, play hard was my motto for this weekend. I kicked it off Friday afternoon on the Enfield: It’s simply always fun to ride that bike, it never ceases to amaze me. Saturday was the last Saturday of September and that meant   Read More …

I had the drone with me on the way back yesterday. Excellent opportunity to do some filming. I just set it to hover at roughly 10 meters and it stayed neatly at the same place while I was riding around on the Ariel. Amazing. Great fun was had 😉

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I came across this little gem on facebook. It is a crowdfunding project to get a film going about the revival of had craftsmanship through custom motorcycle building. I think it is interesting to say the least, have a look and see what you think.

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I received an email from Jason from Dime City Cycles: My fiancé and I were recently asked to participate in a post school graduation project for some local media arts students. The project goal was to create a music video for a new song by Moby. If their video get’s picked it will become the   Read More …

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My girlfriend needed the car today. Again. With the wet and cold weather (and all the leafs on the road) the train ALMOST sounded like a viable option. The CB really needs some attention and a new rear tire, especially the latter makes the bike a bit tricky to use in these conditions. So… No   Read More …

After a few test flights it was time to try out the DJI Phantom nfor what it was meant for: filming. My girlfriend rode the Enfield and I had a go at flying the Phantom. I need some more practise to make it all a bit smoother, but I am very happy with the result.

Last Sunday I took some time to make a short video of the ride that day. The new Gopro software makes editing a breeze, so it took me only a matter of minutes to produce this. Enjoy!

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The Van Dijk Cross is a family event that is being held every year on the land of Grandma Van Dijk. Unfortunately, she past away last year, but the tradition will continue. It’s a motocross, but there is no competition. No times are being recorded, no demands are made on who enters with what. There   Read More …

The SR500 is a project I am undertaking together with a friend, Vincent. He lives in Geldermalsen, a small town about 30k’s south of Utrecht. Usually I go there by car. I hate riding on the highway with my bikes (way too boring), so the car is much faster and it’s a lot easier to   Read More …

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I made a Gopro swivel helmet mount. It was an easy job and there are plenty of how to’s to be found on Youtube. I made some personal design changes (I don’t like screwing things onto my helmet….), but that wasn’t hard. It looks like this: I did a test last night. It needs some   Read More …

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