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To be honest: I’ve never felt attracted to sidecars. I just don’t see the point of them on the road. But during classic races, the sidecars are always teh most spectacular. It was a sight (and sound) to behold. Loved the women team and the many female side car ‘passengers’. Tomorrow the rest of the   Read More …

I went to the swap meet and the historical motor races at Barneveld today. It was a great day. I have many photos to sort out, so more photos in the coming days!

I cam across this gem on Youtube. It’s part of a 1989 Top Gear episode, the first part is on swap meets/auto jumbles. Fantastic stuff. All footage shot on the auto jumble could still be shot today, I bet the clothing even hasn’t changed a bit.

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Found on 8negro, so you’ve probably seen it already. Epic photo imho. The news on the Enfield is that I have several leads on engines and even a complete bike: To be continued.

I went to another swap meet today. I don’t need any parts, but it just is too good an event to miss. I bought a speedo. It says ‘British made’ at the front and this code at the back: 7y 17255 a4 1577008 It’s quite large (see the euro-coin for scale). Even if I couldn’t   Read More …

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Dit is nog geen 5% van de foto’s die ik gemaakt heb. De rest gaat nog even duren, geduld svp! Mocht je interesse hebben in een bepaalde motor, stuur dan via de contact pagina van deze website ene mailtje met een duidelijk omschrijving. This is not even 5% of all the photo’s I made, if   Read More …

Dit is een hele kleine selectie van de foto’s die ik vandaag geschoten heb. Ik heb in totaal 16GB aan foto’s geschoten. Het zal me een week of 2 kosten om dat te verwerken, geduld dus aub. I went to a classic race demo in the small town of Nunspeet today. It was first for   Read More …

> Just over a year ago I posted a fantastic video on a bike restoration, made by New Yorker Bill Costello. Bill contacted me last week via this blog an was so kind to send me some more photo’s and info on the bike. The bike is a 1958 R50, 500cc and 26 HP. Bill’s   Read More …

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> A WW2 Il-2 Ground attack aircraft that was pulled from a swamp was restored to flying condition in Russia. Just love old machines like this and it’s a good to see pieces of history like this working again, even if the purpose of the machine is inhuman. Maybe even more so in that case,   Read More …

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