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I received a request from a foreign magazine for some photos, forcing me to dive into my archives. While doing that I realized there are more then a few that I never posted…. Here’s a few of those:

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Motodrive is the largest Ukrainian motorcycle magazine. They mailed me a while back to ask for photos and a little background, so I send both. They drafted up a very, very nice (and very big!) article about me! I am very, very honored! Read the full article on there website here

The Virago has been sold. It went to a very nice guy who is not allowed to ride anymore (medical problems). He is going to put it in his living room as art. How cool is that?!?! I spend part of the earnings from the virago on a new Canon 50 mm 1.4 lens. It   Read More …

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I have loads of photos that I haven’t posted yet. I updated the event photos and the photo shoot pages of my website. More from this shoot and other shoots can be found there. But here’s a few more from the shoot I did with Bo and the Virago: These shoots take quite a bit   Read More …

I would like to thank Bo again for being the model!

This week summer has finally started. Last Wednesday the skies were bright blue and temperatures were high. I took the CB for a rid through the countryside to get to Vincent’s place where the Virago sits. Waiting for the ferry over the River Rhine (Lek) at Culemborg city: We spends hours and hours on the   Read More …

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We worked on the Virago again. After some initial spark plug problems, she fired right up and we took it for a very pleasant ride. Unfortunately….. the starer failed AGAIN. After the ride I want to start it one more time for a short test, but the inside of the starter started to rotate in   Read More …

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Maybe it was not the best day to work on the starter of a Virago… Whoever invented the started mechanism for the Virago deserves a kick in the balls. It’s horrible. Yamaha realized it is a horrible system, so what did they do? Right: They placed a magnet below the starter mechanism to catch all   Read More …

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> Video didn’t work out completely as planned, so we will have to do it again.

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> A while back Vincent, the guy I built the Virago and the CX500 chopper with, bought a Ducati Cagiva Pantah 650. He sold his Yamaha R1 for it and that was a wise decission. The Ducatis isn’t even finished yet, but I’m pretty sure he’s already done more miles on it, than on the   Read More …

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