At the end of January I bought a Gopro Hero 3 White at in Utrecht. I did not use it for a few weeks due to the bad weather, but when I started it, it showed some minor problems like unauthorized stopping after a few seconds and crashing. Those problems grew worse over time and a few weeks ago it just didn’t work anymore, it only recorded a few seconds at a time. So I went back to where I bought it and turned it in for repairs almost 2 months after I bought it.

Last Saturday I went to the store and it still wasn’t back from repairs. They guy at the shop felt that it was taking way too long too and he offered me a new Gopro, he also gave me the option to upgrade to the black (after paying the difference in value of course). I took the second option and now have the black.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the guys at, they went above and beyond what they are obliged to do by giving me a new camera. Excellent service!

They are among the cheapest in Holland (that is how I came to them) and have a wide variety of camera products.

Gopro 3 Black screenshot from yesterdays ride:

 photo scramble_zpsf4ef248d.jpg

(no helmet and jacket because I was giving trial riding ago and didn’t go any faster then walking pace)

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