Every February the Motorbeurs Utrecht is being held in my home town, it’s the biggest non-sport motorbike related event (still following?) in this country. It’s a place where most shops, manufacturers and organizations present them selfs. It is the best place to go if you need some clothing, because you will get an enormous amount of things to chose from (which is handy when you’re a lot taller than average, like me).

I desperately needed new trousers and body armor. I’ve been doing the single tracks in the woods with speeds up to 40 mph without one all this time. I found both for a good price.

Traditionally the ‘beurs’ is about new(ish) stuff and bikes, but the last few years some classics and customs found their way to the floors. That, combined with some lovely ladies, makes it worth while to take a visit.
Unfortunately it was very crowded and very badly lit, making it very hard to take photos, sorry for the occasional motion blur.

 photo IMG_0793_zpsec2a5bab.jpg

 photo IMG_0792_zpsa23682f7.jpg

 photo IMG_0790_zps264b9e30.jpg

 photo IMG_0794_zpsdee7661b.jpg

 photo IMG_0795_zps86fe61c1.jpg

 photo IMG_0797_zps2e20a835.jpg

 photo IMG_0799_zpsec47346a.jpg

 photo IMG_0802_zps4f960cd8.jpg

 photo IMG_0803_zps487cc841.jpg

 photo IMG_0804_zps19b5417a.jpg

 photo IMG_0806_zps5162c580.jpg

 photo IMG_0809_zpse0089cfa.jpg

 photo IMG_0810_zps18fc54ca.jpg

 photo IMG_0814_zpsdf5487b2.jpg

 photo IMG_0818_zpsaed2db6d.jpg

 photo IMG_0820_zps08b4f2fa.jpg

 photo IMG_0825_zps2006427d.jpg

 photo IMG_0826_zpsb315e2d6.jpg

 photo IMG_0829_zpseaa3d5ac.jpg

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