Twice a year Hardenberg is the scene for a large motorcycle and moped jumble. Every last weekend of March and first weekend of October. Last March the jumble was a bit quite, not too many stands and the weather was insane.

This October the weather was insane again, but in a very, very good way. People were walking around in shirts and I saw more then a few BBQs. It was a lot busier too, more stands, more visitors. I bought a lot more then usually, my hands were full after only 30 minutes so I made most photo’s with my phone, sorry for that.

This came from a carousel:

 photo IMG_9537_zps4e8bc12f.jpg

Vincent was looking for a new tacho, plenty of those to chose from:

 photo IMG_9538_zps10d67622.jpg

This is not a Horex, it was some brand unknown to me (it sounded German). Look at the length of that inlet!

 photo IMG_9539_zps7b01d34e.jpg

 photo IMG_9540_zps69dfac79.jpg

I fell in love with this Ariel. He asked too much money for me though:

 photo 2013-10-05121454_zpsce118976.jpg

A very nice CB:

 photo 2013-10-05123748_zpse9ecbc47.jpg

I always have to tear myself away from stands like this..:

 photo 2013-10-05130238_zpse56f8804.jpg

 photo 2013-10-05130308_zps899af884.jpg

 photo 2013-10-05130352-2_zps60124e48.jpg

I have no clue what engine this is:

 photo 2013-10-05130625_zpsaf676309.jpg

This would make a nice scrambler:

 photo 2013-10-05134013_zps2dc89e65.jpg

And this would be a very classy commuter (in the summer):

 photo 2013-10-05142309_zpsfad647f8.jpg

this fuel tank looks familiar….

 photo 2013-10-05142452_zpsae6d8187.jpg

Things I bought were just small things. A headlight, some electrical stuff, 2 brake cylinders (for the SR) and these 2:

 photo 2013-10-06092305_zps0d5c797e.jpg

They are meant for the Enfield. It would be nice if I could get them to work. The simple carb that the Enfield came with is starting to wear a bit.

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