Roel Scheffer’s extreme CX 500:

 photo IMG_1235_zps36b64ccb.jpg

 photo IMG_1234_zpsdb8c6fa7.jpg

 photo IMG_1202_zps51121214.jpg

 photo IMG_1193_zps68ba147b.jpg

 photo IMG_1192_zps7b0e0fb0.jpg

 photo IMG_1191_zps35e3c915.jpg

More on that bike later this week.

 photo IMG_1225_zpsac277540.jpg

 photo IMG_1224_zps58246873.jpg

 photo IMG_1222_zps3b346ecf.jpg

 photo IMG_1221_zps79a26d70.jpg

 photo IMG_1219_zpsda3d3777.jpg

 photo IMG_1218_zpsc9a5344c.jpg

 photo IMG_1208_zps0c3fc2ef.jpg

I am liking that copper stack… It is the same carb as on my Ariel. Maybe… just maybe…

 photo IMG_1203_zps2a437172.jpg

 photo IMG_1201_zpse03b3bd1.jpg

 photo IMG_1171_zps889d9380.jpg

 photo IMG_1173_zpsc96dafaf.jpg

 photo IMG_1199_zpscd2b5d59.jpg

 photo IMG_1197_zpse8b263af.jpg

 photo IMG_1190_zpsdb588283.jpg

Not sure if this is practical, but it sure looked good:

 photo IMG_1189_zpsb27d8a44.jpg

 photo IMG_1186_zpsc13ab25c.jpg

 photo IMG_1184_zps5dba6fc4.jpg

a 630 cc maxed out Enfield:

 photo IMG_1172_zpsf9c7f4ea.jpg

Unfinished (the plans sounded great and involved wood):

 photo IMG_1164_zpsa564f573.jpg

Cleverly hidden indicators:

 photo IMG_1163_zpseddc483f.jpg

 photo IMG_1162_zps20f90926.jpg

 photo IMG_1161_zps856427d0.jpg

Nozem’s CX500:

 photo IMG_1151_zpsd17c0909.jpg

 photo IMG_1150_zpse1f1fa58.jpg

 photo IMG_1149_zps0bb5fcfa.jpg

 photo IMG_1146_zpsb9b18968.jpg

 photo IMG_1145_zps05f4a864.jpg

Loved this little moped:

 photo IMG_1134_zps4ffdedba.jpg

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