It’s been a long time since Vincent and I worked on the other Ariel. We had a lot of problems finding the right wheels and were worried we wouldn’t be able to find steering head bearings. We found all of that during the christmass holidays, so it was high time to take a day off work and tinker on the Ariel. We made some miles…

Heating up the bearing cups made them fit very satisfyingly over he steering stem. Good start.

Meanwhile I started on the engine. We bought some tools for honing the cylinder, made me feel very professional 😉

The disassembled engine

Being assembled
Next: The cylinder head. We replaced the valve guides, the new one went in smoothly after some heating.
Time to assemble This went smoothly aswel. Very sattisfying.

Look at this beauty!! We couldn’t resist, it had to go into the frame. Notice the fork, turning smoothly in the new bearings! The other side, with the wheels… The look like a heap of rust, but they’re actually quite nice And the view from the rear.

We got a lot more done to day then we held possible. All in all a really good day 🙂

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