I had a very busy, stressful, but fun week at work. So work hard, play hard was my motto for this weekend. I kicked it off Friday afternoon on the Enfield:

It’s simply always fun to ride that bike, it never ceases to amaze me.

Saturday was the last Saturday of September and that meant two things: 1. Good weather. It’s been like that for years on end. In case you want to know why I know: 2. It was the day of the annual Veteranentreffen in the city of Woerden and for the last couple of years the weather has been excellent during that meeting.

They call it Veteranentreffen (veteran’s meeting), they should have called it: The thumps up meeting for people with smiling faces. That would have covert it much better.

 photo IMG_1651_zpsfdb16d98.jpg

It was absolutely brilliant.

I took the Ariel:

and parked it at the Ariel club stand. Normally I’m not a fan of single brand clubs, they tend to be very single minded. The Ariel club however is a very open minded, great bunch of people! I am happy to be a member:

 photo IMG_1384_zpsf9d793cf.jpg

I than walked around the field, met a lot of friends, talked until my jaw hurt and took some (586…..) photo’s of people arriving:

 photo IMG_1579_zps0f347b8a.jpg

There we some truly spectacular bikes. Including a true Brough Superior.

 photo IMG_1762_zpsad8805c6.jpg

 photo IMG_2024_zps4828ac79.jpg

I really had a fantastic time. Halfway in the afternoon I had to rush back though. I had a photo shoot planned with Jesse and her horse Blade. Here is a sneak preview of that shoot:

 photo IMG_2173_zpsc664181f.jpg

 photo IMG_2118_zps8caff128.jpg

Those are just two random examples. I am very happy with the result. I was exhausted after the shoot though. So I slept into the morning today and woke up just in time to rush off to the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride starting from the city Wageningen. For people who are unfamiliar with the DGR: It’s a bunch of people on old bikes, dressed smart and trying to attract attention. The goal is to collect money for the fight against prostate cancer. I met up with them at Amerongen castle. The turn up was massive.

 photo IMG_2181_zps13618b95.jpg

 photo IMG_2191_zps1df8fae5.jpg

 photo IMG_2277_zpsb4e932cc.jpg

I then kicked the Ariel back to life and rushed off to a BBQ.

Good thing I need to work this week, so I can try to rest a bit 😉

I have a shit load of photo’s to sort out. The photo’s of the DGR and the Veteranentreffen Woerden will go up later this week. Stay tuned.

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